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At Rewind This Movie, our passion is helping entertainment enthusiasts access endless on-demand content. For over a decade, we’ve been a trusted source for streaming guidance.

Rewind This Movie was founded a few years ago by CEO Johnathon Caguiat, an avid cinephile. Johnathon has adored movies since childhood when he would visit his local video rental store every weekend for the latest releases. This instilled in him a love of discovering new titles across genres.

After studying film and media in college, Johnathon began blogging during the early days of online streaming. He was an early adopter of subscription services like Netflix and Hulu and enjoyed evaluating their expanding catalogues. Johnathon found joy in helping friends and family navigate the new world of on-demand entertainment.

Today, Johnathon oversees a team of pop culture experts who provide guidance across streaming platforms old and new. With over a decade of hands-on streaming experience, Johnathon ensures Rewind This Movie delivers recommendations readers can trust.

As CEO, Johnathon prioritizes creating a true community for fellow streaming enthusiasts. He loves interacting with readers and tailoring content to their interests. For Johnathon, Rewind This Movie represents a labour of love – a way to share his cinematic passion.

At Rewind This Movie, we strive to match Johnathon’s spirit and help our community access entertainment with ease. We hope our advice provides a personalized path through the vast streaming universe.

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