Stream Like a Pro: 13 Showbox Alternatives to Use

Are you a movie buff looking for ways to watch your favourite films and shows without spending a fortune? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at movie apps like Showbox that can help you get your entertainment fix without breaking the bank.

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13 App Similar to Showbox for Android and iOS


1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

If you’re looking for Showbox alternatives, then Popcorn Time is definitely worth considering. This site is among the closest substitutes for Showbox you’ll find, and it ensures that you’ll find any movie you’re looking for. You can stream movies in HD quality and there’s also an extensive library of films and TV shows to choose from. It is a great website if you want to watch content on the go.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix 2

Popcornflix is a streaming platform that offers users a variety of movies and TV shows to watch for free. It is available on a range of devices, including iOS, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. The app boasts an extensive library of both classic and contemporary titles from all genres. With no subscription fees or hidden charges, you can have access to thousands of hours of entertainment at no cost.

The user interface of interface is quite impressive, with an intuitive design that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can browse for content by genre or search using keywords. There is also the option to create a personalized list of favourites or watchlists so you can keep track of what’s new and noteworthy. The streaming quality is also very good, with options ranging from SD to full HD.

3. Kodi


Kodi is a powerful media streaming service that allows users to access various media sources, such as movies, TV shows, music, and more. It is among the amazing Showbox alternatives that is free and open-source. It offers great streaming quality, a huge selection of content, and an easy-to-use interface.

It also has add-ons that allow users to customize their experience, allowing them to access additional content and features. It also has an extensive library of plugins for users to take advantage of and it is available on Android & iOS. The service is highly customizable and user friendly, making it a great choice for those looking for apps like Showbox.

4. Kanopy


Kanopy is an online streaming service that offers thousands of video titles for users to watch for free. It offers a wide selection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other content that can be streamed on its website or through its mobile app. It is a great movie app similar to showbox as it provides users with access to a wide range of content at no cost.

The Kanopy app is available on iOS and Android devices and provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for users to find their favourite titles and watch them on the go.

5. Stremio


If you don’t mind using a slightly more advanced streaming service, Stremio is an excellent alternative to Showbox. It’s not just an app that you can download and play movies with, it also has an integrated media center that allows you to access a vast library of movies, TV shows, live channels and more. The vast library is updated on a regular basis, so you’ll always find something to watch.

The app also has a built-in player and support for a variety of platforms, so you can watch your content on any device you want. You can even download the content to watch it offline. The best part about Stremio is that it’s completely free and available for all major operating systems.

6. PlutoTv

Pluto TV

Either you are searching for larger selection of streaming content, PlutoTV is one of the best Showbox alternatives available on playstore. The app offers a huge library of live and on-demand video content, with over 100 channels to choose from and an easy-to-navigate interface. It also includes a search feature to make it easy to find movies, TV shows, and other content. It also offers content from major networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, making it an excellent alternative to Showbox.

7. Hulu

Hulu is a great replacement to consider, if you’re looking for a streaming service that offers both live TV and on-demand content. Hulu’s library of movies and TV shows is constantly growing, and they offer an impressive selection of HD content. In addition, the platform is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and more. If you’re looking for a comprehensive streaming service, it definitely worth a look.

8. Crackle

Crackle is a popular streaming service with a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. With its easy-to-navigate library and access to major Hollywood films, it is a great showbox replacement. It offers an ad-supported platform that allows users to stream content for free.

The app also offers some exclusive TV shows and films that you won’t find anywhere else. The platform has a wide range of genres, including comedy, drama, action, horror, and more. It also offers various types of content such as documentaries, stand-up specials, and original series.

9. TubiTV

If you’re exploring for android apps like Showbox that offers free, on-demand streaming of movies, TV shows, and other content, then you should definitely check out TubiTV. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows from major Hollywood studios, as well as many independent and international films.

The content is all available for free, and it also offers an ad-supported subscription plan for those who want to avoid ads. You can watch content on any device, including your phone, tablet, or laptop. And it also has a nice range of genres, including horror, comedy, documentary, and more.

10. TeaTV

TeaTV is a great streaming app for those looking for showbox replacement. It has a great selection of movies and TV shows and works on many devices including Android and Firestick. It also has a unique feature that allows you to filter out movies and shows according to different genres, which makes it easier to find the content you’re looking for.

Plus, it is free to use and doesn’t require any registration or signup. So, if you’re the hunt for Showbox alternatives that has a wide selection of content and is easy to use, then TeaTV app is definitely worth checking out.

11. Cinema APK

If you are looking for an app that is similar to Showbox, Cinema APK is definitely worth a try. It is an android app that has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows, both old and new. Not only that, but it also provides you with a lot of high-definition content, giving you an amazing viewing experience. Additionally, it also has a great user interface making it easy to find what you are looking for. Its huge library of content is updated regularly, so you can always find something new to watch.

12. CyberFlix TV

If you’re looking for a great streaming app similar to Showbox, then you should definitely check out CyberFlix TV. It is an Android app that offers users an extensive collection of movies and TV shows in HD quality. The app also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find the content you’re looking for.

It also has integrated subtitle support and an in-app search feature. Additionally, it is free to use and doesn’t require registration or subscription fees. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for apps similar to showbox to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Showbox App


What is Showbox?

Showbox is a free streaming media application that allows users to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free on their Android, iOS and Windows devices. The app features an extensive library of titles and a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to find and watch their favourite shows.

Is Showbox Legal?

Showbox is not a legal streaming service. It does not hold the proper license to stream copyrighted content, and therefore, its users may be in violation of copyright laws when using the app.

What Devices can Showbox be Used On?

Showbox can be used on most Android devices, as well as some iOS devices. It can also be used on computers with an Android emulator program, such as Bluestacks or Andy OS.

What are the Benefits of using Showbox?

The main benefit of using Showbox is that it offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows to watch for free. Additionally, its user interface is easy to use and navigate, and it supports streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

How do I Download Showbox?

Showbox can be downloaded from the official Showbox website or from third-party app stores such as Aptoide and Amazon Appstore.

Are there any Drawbacks to using Showbox?

One of the main drawbacks of using Showbox is that it does not hold the proper license to stream copyrighted content. Additionally, since it is a free app, it is prone to advertisements, which can be intrusive and annoying.

How to Decide Which Streaming App is Right for You

When choosing the best free streaming app for you, consider your needs and budget. If you are on a tight budget and need to save money, then a free app like Showbox mentioned above is a good choice. However, if you can afford to pay a few dollars per month, then Netflix or Amazon Instant Video is a better option.

Did Showbox Get Shut Down?

No, ShowBox did not shut down. ShowBox was one of the best alternatives to popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, but some users may have noticed that new content has not been added to the app for some time. However, ShowBox is still active and users can continue to watch content on the app.

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