15 Sites Like AZmovies to Satisfy Your Movie Cravings

Movie lovers are always on the hunt for good sites to stream films for free. While AZMovies used to be a popular destination, the site has faced increased pressure and users have turned to alternatives. Luckily, plenty of streaming proxy sites can satisfy your movie cravings.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 sites similar to AZMovies that offer ad-supported streaming of movies and TV shows. Most function as proxies, redirection services, or hosts for media from other platforms. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Streaming free movies comes with popups and ads. Use an ad blocker.
  • Links and streams may not always work reliably. Be prepared for that.
  • Legality is questionable. Streaming free movies resides in a legal grey area in most places.

azmovies alternatives

15 AZ Movies Alternatives for Free Online Streaming

1. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix 2

Popcornflix focuses on streaming movies legally via ads and partnerships. It’s owned by Screen Media Ventures and Sony Pictures if that offers any peace of mind on legitimacy.

You can browse their catalog by genre or search for a specific title. The available selection rotates frequently. At any given time, it makes hundreds of full-length movies and TV shows available.

From cult classics to comedy favorites, it aims to satisfy every taste. It’s not as robust as subscription services for selection, but still solid just to watch free movies online.

2. Crackle


Crackle comes from Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and offers next-day streaming of many Sony Pictures releases. You can watch Crackle content without even needing to sign up for an account.

The focus stays on movies versus TV shows. Genre options feature action, comedy, crime, horror, sci-fi classics, thrillers, and more. Original content also exists, such as Going From Broke.

Being tied to Sony Pictures means their viewers can stay up on films like Spiderman: Homecoming and The Night Before. As you browse around, you’ll find over 150 full-length movies at any time.

3. YesMovies


Yesmovies operates as a streaming site and proxy service to let you watch movies from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. It contains a massive media catalog as a result.

From box office hits to binge-worthy TV, it probably has what you’re looking for. You can browse by genre and view rankings of top films and shows. It’s extremely simple to search for anything specific too.

This site does best when accessed via a VPN due to filtering that blocks it in some regions. Even then, finding a working stream takes patience.

4. SolarMovie


SolarMovie has risen to fame as a top site for streaming TV series. It makes thousands of shows readily available. While less robust for movies, some genres do feature hundreds of options.

Clicking a selected film brings up streaming links from various hosts. Links get taken down frequently, so finding one that works can involve lots of guessing. Using an ad blocker also helps manage the popup situation.

In the end, this alternative website still provides a decent destination purely for streaming movies online for free.

You just need to prepare for a hunt to locate working links and manage ads. Plus stay wary of fake download buttons.

5. Xumo


Xumo is an ad-based streaming service filled with lesser-known movies and some original programming. It focuses on niche content as opposed to mainstream blockbusters.

You can watch Xumo via apps on various platforms like Roku, LG, and Vizio smart TVs. No account or login exists. Just browse whatever content it makes available.

A unique aspect of them is the ability to stream short-form web series too. If you don’t mind ads, it makes for a free option to discover movies and shows you may not find elsewhere.

6. MyFlixer


MyFlixer operates as a free movie streaming search engine more so than a standalone platform. It combs platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, and more.

The benefit it provides is letting you instantly see what free movies are available across various subscriptions you may already pay for. It can help you maximize what content you can stream for “free” with your existing plans.

You can also filter movie searches by genre, release year, and IMDb rating. For nostalgic classics, last year’s blockbusters, or award-winning films, it aims to locate them if any subscription service in its network makes them freely available.

7. GoMovies


GOmovies hosts and streams movies and shows without requiring you to register for an account. Just browse and pick something to watch. It certainly lives up to the name in that simplicity.

While it may not compete with leading apps for selection, its simplicity for streaming movies online free makes it quite handy. You can also browse an “A-Z List” of all content they make available.

Another nice aspect is the well-designed interface and organization by genre. This alternative website keeps things simple while delivering streaming access without needing to deal with logins or profiles.

8. CmoviesHD


Finding CmoviesHD took some digging since their URL changes frequently due to blocks. But the site lives up to its name in streaming high definition Hollywood, Bollywood and Chinese movies with English subtitles, all for free.

Tolerable ads considering their large collection. The similar site provides a fantastic global selection perfect for audiences who want to access cinema from India, China/Hong Kong or watch foreign films.

No other free site matches their diversity of international content. Streaming loads super quick too.

9. Putlocker


PutLocker has been popular for over a decade thanks to being a repository site for links to media files, namely movies.

What keeps audiences coming back is their reliability in providing working links along with high stream quality. Just be ready to exit pop up tabs.

This similar website sets itself apart being purely a index and host rather than a full fledged streaming site.

Users primarily rely on them for their tried and true file uploaders that consistently offer fast bufferless streams for both older and newly released blockbusters.

10. Moviewatcher


Moviewatcher.io operates as an index of aggregated streaming links from around the web. It combs various file hosts and streaming sites to locate working sources for virtually any movie.

The biggest difference from other similar websites is allowing you to compare streaming links by source, quality, language, etc.

So you can manually select the best option. Streaming requires tolerating ads of course. But finding an HD stream is possible.

For hard-to-find classics or niche foreign films, it does an awesome job locating obscure streams. It provides another handy resource for unlocking free movies from all corners of the web.

11. 5Movies


If you’re looking for a no fuss way to start streaming movies instantly with minimal ads, 5Movies delivers.

As the name hints, its central focus is providing links to movies versus TV shows. Convenient filters allow finding films by genre, release year, country or search.

Streaming links come from a mix of mainstream file hosts. While the site design itself is barebones, its library impresses those looking to dive right into watching.

12. Soap2Day


Soap2Day operates on ads as well to let you stream movies in HD quality. Its catalog of films continues growing daily too. Finding both new cinema releases and older classics happens regularly.

On the interface side, it makes browsing seamless with organization by genre tags and categories. Search works quickly too if targeting something specific. Results even show IMDb ratings and meta details.

One catch is that streaming requires an account to access content, albeit registration is fast and free. For the most part, though, it offers an experience on par with Netflix or Hulu but focuses exclusively on free movie streaming.

13. LosMovies


LosMovies provides seamless integration for aggregating working stream links into one spot. You can also browse movies by years ranging from 1970 onward.

With good sorting tools and strong search capability, finding something specific feels quite accessible on this alternative site.

Streaming sources definitely vary wildly in quality and reliability as expected. But having this index to test links makes the hunt easier.

Some key categories featured here include movie premieres, cinema releases, trending searches, and a curated new movies section. Basically, most of what you could want to stream free exists here if willing to test links.

14. 123Movies

123 Movies

Not to be confused with the departed original, this rebranded 123Movies site aims to be a “next generation streaming service” that brings free viewing links from third party servers.

Their page loading speed is slower but makes up for it with their vast media library containing the most recent cinema too.

This resurrected website works hard to emulate the catalog breadth of its predecessor – while struggling with tech and site performance.

Worth keeping an eye on as developers work out kinks. For now the OG name notoriety still manages to attract platforms uploading fresh content links.

15. LookMovie


LookMovie provides a neat platform to find films and episodes of shows to stream instantly without sign up. Use their search box or browse categories that span decades to surface picks. Links typically come from mainstream hosts like Openloads and Streamango.

Overall an easy viewing experience once you select your preferred source. It stands out for housing movies you’d actually want to watch versus filler content.

Solid genre, country and decade filters combined with a clean layout makes discovering hidden gem movies breezy.

Conclusion On AZmovies Similar Websites

The free streaming landscape changes frequently as sites get taken down while new ones crop up. But these 15 free proxy websites like AZmovies consistently offer ad-supported access to stream box office hits, hidden gems and niche content.

Bookmark your favorites so you always have places turn to next time you’re in the mood to watch a quick comedy, nail-biting thriller or sweeping romance drama online.

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