Stream Your Way: 14 Free Beetv Alternatives

Tired of paying for expensive cable or streaming subscriptions? Want more options to watch your favorite shows for free? Then check out these 14 amazing free alternatives to BeeTV for unlimited on-demand entertainment.

From live TV to the latest movies and binge-worthy TV shows, these free streaming apps have it all. Better still, there’s no credit card required. Read on to explore the pros and cons of each platform and find your perfect match.

beetv alternatives

14 Free Bee Tv Similar Apps for Tv Show Streaming

1. Kodi

kodi apk

Kodi is a highly flexible open-source media center application. It’s not an outright streaming platform. Instead, it allows you to install customizable add-ons from independent developers. These plug into the their interface to provide content.

There’s an add-on for pretty much any movie, show or channel you want to watch. So with some tinkering, you can recreate the cable TV experience entirely for free! It does however require some technical know-how to setup correctly on your device.

Key Features:

  • 1000s of free streaming add-ons
  • Support for 4K and HD quality
  • Music and gaming add-ons also available
  • Organize & play your media library
  • Cross-platform & open source

2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

If you love the way BeeTV looks and operates, Popcorn Time provides a remarkably similar experience. From the interface to search and streaming built entirely in-app, it mirrors BeeTV in many respects.

In addition, there’s a vast catalog of the latest movies, shows and anime available from various torrent sources.

It also has built-in VPN and proxy options to help protect your identity when streaming copyrighted material. However, the platform has faced numerous legal issues over the years.

Key Features:

  • Slick Netflix-style interface
  • Massive library of latest releases
  • Built-in VPN (needs subscription)
  • Anime movies and shows
  • Cross-platform & open source

3. Crackle


Owned by Sony Pictures, Crackle hosts an ever-changing lineup of older movies and classic throwback TV series. From cult classics and award winners to forgotten gems and nostalgic childhood favorites, it aims to be your modern video store.

Despite being an entirely legal streaming platform, Crackle still manages to provide quality programming completely free.

There are commercials to sit through. But compared to cable TV, they are relatively unobtrusive. Crackle is available on all major platforms.

Key Features:

  • 100s of movies from Sony catalog
  • Classic TV shows hard to find elsewhere
  • Refreshing content lineup every month
  • Legal platform with ads

4. FuboTV


Boasting over 100 channels of live sports, news and entertainment, FuboTV delivers an experience remarkably close to traditional cable.

A monthly subscription is required to unlock the full offering. However, even in the free tier, you still get access to over 100 channels.

The free package includes mostly news, sports talk and rerun channels. But for major live events, it could be enough to satisfy your needs. Supported platforms include Roku, iOS, tvOS, Android phones and tablets, and web browsers.

Key Features:

  • 100+ live TV channels free
  • 1000s more with paid tiers
  • Cloud DVR + Lookback
  • Specializes in live sports

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has defined itself as the ideal cable replacement service. It provides over 250 free live TV channels – all accessible on demand without any subscription required.

They encompass a huge range of programming including sports, news, movies, Spanish-language, anime, and more.

Supported by ads, it offers one of the most extensive cable-like offerings that doesn’t require paying anything.

Apps and viewing options are similar to major pay TV providers. It streams at up to 1080p depending on the source content quality.

Key Features:

  • 250+ live streaming TV channels
  • Unlimited on-demand playback
  • Web browser viewing supported
  • 1080p quality dependent on source

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV positions itself specifically as an alternative to paid streaming giant Netflix. How? By offering over 20,000 movies completely free! From cult classics and award winners to sci fi & horror there’s an abundunt choice of films to get lost in for days.

They don’t match Netflix for quality of original programming. But in terms of the size of the back catalog, Tubi TV exceeds it by some margin.

You’ll have to sit through ads to watch content as the trade-off. But compared to other services, the commercials are unintrusive. Apps are available for all major platforms.

Key Features:

  • Movie catalog exceeding 20,000 titles
  • Award winners to cult classics
  • Minimal ad breaks compared to cable
  • Apps for all major platforms

7. Terrarium TV 

Terrarium TV offers seamless media indexed under Movies and TV Shows section further drill-downed into Genres, Latest Contents etc subcategories. Handy IMDb integration aids the discoverability of titles that play smoothly.

While it possesses limited originals compared to Bee TV, you still get all desired mainstream studio content and functionality par excellence from search tools to multi-source streams switch uninterruptedly!

The only downside remains a reliance on unauthorized content requiring VPN protection during streaming activities.

Key Features:

  • Identical interface and UX to BeeTV
  • Massive catalog of movies & TV
  • Slick media players with casting
  • Frequent downtime due to legal issues

8. Cyberflix

Cyberflix TV

For all you anime, Asian drama and international content fans, Cyberflix is a must-try free streaming platform. You get access to thousands of popular anime series and movies unavailable elsewhere, fully subbed.

This similar app also features a huge library of Korean dramas, Bollywood films, Chinese cinema and more. Support covers Android and Fire OS devices.

Due to relying on third-party sources, ads and link failures are fairly common. But as a specialty streaming app, it is tough to beat.

Key Features:

  • Specializes in anime & Asian dramas
  • Subbed international movie catalog
  • Korean, Chinese & Hindi content
  • Android app and Firestick support

9. Nova TV

Nova TV

Boasting over 400 live TV channels together with on-demand movies and shows, Nova TV gives you cable-cutting cord-cutters out there.

The lineup includes entertainment, news, documentaries, kids, music, sports and more. Supported platforms include Fire TV, Android mobiles and TV boxes, iPhones and iPads. Streaming quality varies between SD and HD depending on the source.

Key Features:

  • 400+ live TV channels
  • On-demand movies & shows
  • News, Music, Movies & more
  • Fire TV, iOS, Android supported

10. Morph TV 

Morph TV

Morph TV undisputedly delivers exactly same entertainment scope as Bee TV ranging from latest episodes, popular shows, movies across genres through sensibly categorized sections. Easy navigation tools make content discovery elementary.

I’d easily rate the capabilities of Morph TV on par with beloved Bee TV owing to its solid performance metrics ranging from curated media libraries to seamless Chromecasting abilities!

My only complaint remains risk of illicit streaming sans VPN protection. Otherwise, this app essentially resurrects Bee TV at its finest! Top it off, it’s also one of the most reliable and stable free options.

Key Features:

  • Great replacement for BeeTV overall
  • 1000s of movies in HD
  • Premium quality streams
  • Reliable and stable

11. CatMouse APK


Flying completely under the legal radar, CatMouse offers amazing high-quality streaming by aggregating links from cyberlockers and torrents.

The simple no-frills interface makes it super easy to find and play movies and TV shows smoothly.

CatMouse receives frequent updates fixing any stream errors quickly, while carefully staying off the industry radar by not becoming too mainstream.

If you want great streaming capabilities without high risk of downtime, CatMouse is a top choice thanks to responsible development.

Key Features:

  • Great quality streams
  • Easy simple interface
  • Regular updates & stability
  • Stays under the radar

12. Crunchyroll


While not offering much support for traditional TV shows or movies, Crunchyroll is the #1 destination for streaming Anime content. You can dive into 1000s of Anime series with more added hourly.

Itt also moves into Anime-inspired comics, music and gaming culture. Ad-supported streaming allows free access across the catalog. Subscriptions unlock HD streams, simulcasts, offline viewing and more. Apps span

13. TeaTV


TeaTV offers an easy way to stream high-quality movies and shows in HD using premium cyberlockers and torrents. While a free ad-supported version is available, integrating Real-Debrid takes things to another level.

You get way faster streaming speeds, higher quality video up to 4K, Dolby Atmos audio and zero buffering.

Key Features:

  • Fast premium streams with Real-Debrid
  • 4K HD quality with Dolby Atmos
  • Lite ad-supported free version
  • Fire TV & Android apps

14. Cinema HD 

Cinema Box

Cinema HD follows expectations as another Android APK focused purely on free movies and shows served via technically unauthorized sources but otherwise smoothly replicating the Bee TV formula.

Finding any movie or show imaginable requires patience testing questionable links manually until striking gold. And dated design persists in some areas.

But content scope poses zero limits with enough perseverance sorting issues. For free range access minus restrictions, Cinema HD delivers solidly. The platform faces sporadic instability due to its legally grey status.

Key Features:

  • Direct streaming from torrents
  • Ad-supported free version
  • Sporadic downtime & instability


I hope this guide has uncovered the very best free alternatives to enjoy as replacements for BeeTV. With rising costs of subscription services, these platforms let you cut the cord and still watch unlimited entertainment on-demand for zero cost.

Based on your preferences of content libraries, compatibility with your devices, specialized features and stability, there’s bound to be more than a few suitable options in this list for your needs. Take some time to try a few out to see which free streaming platforms you like using best!

FAQs about BeeTV Similar Apps

Is Bee TV legal and safe to use?

No. Bee TV provided unauthorized access to copyrighted movies/shows illegally. There are also privacy/malware risks if you don’t use VPN while streaming on Bee TV.

Why is Bee TV shut down?

Bee TV likely discontinued services after facing legal complaints over piracy of movies and TV show content via the Android application.

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