10 Best GoPro alternatives But Cheaper

When the best action camera is mentioned, we quickly think about GoPro because it’s one of the most popular action cameras of all time. Therefore, there is no gainsaying in the fact that GoPro is the top choice of many adventure sports addicts because of its special features and uniqueness among other cameras.

Truly, there are different firms specialising in the production of cameras designed with new and advanced technology features but yet, people develop so much interest in the good specs and features of GoPro camera. With this, the demand for GoPro cameras is going high day by day.

Meanwhile, with all the special qualities designed with the GoPro camera, many people are still searching for the GoPro Alternatives. The first factor responsible for this expensiveness is the GoPro camera.

Some people have a very little budget and purchasing this camera becomes a treat. For instance, a beginner can’t afford GoPro when he/she is still learning. So it is advisable they search for other cameras similar to GoPro that is very cheap.

On the other hand, some are just willing to explore more features and specifications of other cameras like GoPro.

For the purpose of this article, I will walk you through some other cameras that are very similar to GoPro and offer you the same services as the GoPro cameras. All the cameras on our selection here are selected based on their qualities and recommendations by their users.

GoPro alternatives
1. Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is the first GoPro camera alternative on our list. This camera is very similar to the GoPro camera in terms of quality. You can take good quality photos and videos with Garmin Virb Ultra 30.

One of the special features of this camera is LCD Touchscreen which makes the operation of the camera very much easier to operate. With this feature as well, you can operate the camera through the mobile application.

Another special quality you’ll find in Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is Voice Command. You can also operate and control the camera through your voice. I will recommend this camera if you’re willing to explore other cameras like GoPro.

2. Sony FDR X1000V

Sony FDR X1000V is another best camera like GoPro. I will recommend this camera most especially for sport lovers. Sony FDR X1000V has a very clear resolution with the potential of taking quality videos and pictures.

Some of the special features of this camera is Moire and Aliasing. The camera is also designed with the ability to remove any false colour from video recorded or photos taken.

Not only this, Sony FDR X1000V can capture up to 170-degree angles at a time. This camera also has special effects that help you to prevent blurs from the footage

3. Olympus TG Tracker

Olympus TG Tracker is also one of the GoPro alternatives out there. This camera is very useful especially to the lovers of adventure. The camera comes with distinct features which makes it to be one of the top selling cameras online.

Olympus TG Tracker was designed with 1.5 LCD screen and it has the capacity to record 4k videos at the rate of 30fps.

Not only this, the wide-angle lens of Olympus TG Tracker can cover as wide as 204 degrees. With 8MP camera feature, you can capture a clear and clean picture on Olympus TG Tracker camera.

This camera also has a waterproof feature which makes the camera to resist any water. This means that you can use the camera to take pictures even while swimming. Not only this, it is also designed with dustproof, freezeproof, crushproof, and shockproof material. All these features show that the Olympus TG Tracker is the best camera for adventure lovers.

4. Drift Ghost 4K

This is another quality you should check out. Although Drift Ghost 4k is yet to be out for sale according to a press release, it will be on market very soon.

We add this camera to our list due to the review of the camera released by the company. So, it likely have more functions than GoPro camera.

Some of the features designed with the camera include the ‘drift innovation technique’. When you have some accessories are added to this camera, you will be able to control and customize most of the other features of the camera.

Drift Ghost has a lasting battery. It was also designed with 4G connection which makes it possible for you to enjoy using the remote operation.

5. Yi 4K Plus Action Camera

Yi 4k Action Camera is meant for those that want to use a 4k resolution at a 60fps rate. With the quality features of this camera, I think it can be the perfect option for GoPro camera right now.

Many people enjoy using Yi camera because it is a very high-speed camera that makes recording action fast. Right now, Yi 4k camera is looking forward to launching the latest fashion of the camera.

With the remote control designed with Yi 4k camera, you can have full control of your device. It allows you to connect the camera with your smartphone and use voice commands.

6. TomTom Bandit

TomTom Bandit is another GoPro alternative designed with different features for editing videos and pictures. It also has other special features such as splashproof, water-resistance and so on.

Another distinct feature of TomTom Bandit is GPS and different sensors that ensure a good experience while recording videos. This camera is capable of being connected to a smartphone and can be controlled through the process.

7. Drift Ghost-S

I recommend this camera if you’re searching for the best camera similar to GoPro. It can be used in taking quality pictures and high-definition videos.

Drift Ghost-S is becoming more popular daily and is specially known for its distinct features. You can use this camera to do automatic video tag while shooting. With this feature also, you can save all portions with auto-tagging.

It is designed with remote control and you can also connect your smartphone with it.

8. iON Air Pro 3

iON Air Pro 3 can be easily operated with the some button on the camera. It remains the best video recording camera most people enjoy.

It is advisable you go for this camera if you’re planning to get other camera similar to GoPro.

You can always connect your smartphone and with the camera through WiFi and other devices like microphone can also be connected to it.

9. Contour +2

Contour +2 has 5MP resolution and can be used to record high definition videos. This camera can be placed somewhere and controlled through the remote control. You can purchase different mounting accessories to carry out this process.

Contour +2 can cover 270 degree angle making it possible for you to capture a wide range of space. You can also connect other external devices with this camera such as microphone, audio jack and smartphone.
Contour +2 offers different resolution such as 1080p, 960p, 720p with varieties of frame rates.

10. Kodak WP1 Sport Camera

Kodak WP1 Sport Camera is a special camera primarily designed for sport and adventure lovers. It is an action camera designed with lots of features different from other popular cameras.

With the WP1 feature of the camera, you can use it to cover a wide range of space like 360 degrees. This feature gives you a wonderful experience while recording on camera because you will always have a result that is crystal clear.

The camera is very durable with a weight of 155g. You can also connect other external devices such as microphones and smartphones. It is also a waterproof camera.

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