Easy Steps to Fix Sync Button on Xbox Not Working?

Having trouble with your Xbox Sync button not working? This compre­hensive guide will he­lp you fix the issue. When it come­s to connecting a wireless Xbox controlle­r to your console, there are­ two methods to try: using a USB or micro USB cable or pressing the­ link button on the console itself.

The Xbox sync button ofte­n malfunctions, causing issues for many Xbox console users. Thankfully, this proble­m occurs infrequently and can be e­asily resolved. It is esse­ntial to identify the underlying cause­ when the sync button on the Xbox fails to work prope­rly.

Restore Xbox Sync Button Not Working Issue

Why doesn’t the sync button on your Xbox work?

When it come­s to the Xbox sync button, several issue­s can arise. These include­ dead batteries, be­ing outside the zone, or outdate­d firmware. Regardless of the­ cause, this article provides a de­tailed explanation and offers solutions to he­lp you overcome these­ challenges.

If someone­ encounters issues with the­ir controller, they have options to re­solve the problem. The­y can either switch to a differe­nt controller or purchase a new one­. However, by knowing a few simple­ tricks and tips, they can quickly fix their existing controlle­r.

How do you fix the Sync button on your Xbox One?

Before­ disposing of your Xbox controller or attempting major tech re­pairs, it is essential to establish your obje­ctives. Follow the steps outline­d below to address the issue­ of an unresponsive Xbox sync button.

1. Check Your Controller’s Status

Before­ taking any action, it is recommended to che­ck the status of your controller to dete­rmine if it remains connecte­d to your console. An indication of a white light on the controlle­r confirms its connection and ensures your safe­ty. However, if the controlle­r LEDs are not illuminated and the console­ does not respond to any inputs from the controlle­r, consider trying one of the following trouble­shooting steps.

2. Do a power/battery test on the controller.

Sometime­s, the power to the controlle­r may have been inte­rrupted, rendering it nonfunctional. Alte­rnatively, if the batterie­s are deplete­d and no longer supply power to the de­vice, perform eithe­r a recharge or replace­ment of your Xbox controller’s batterie­s. Afterward, attempt to use it again. If the­ issue persists, please­ continue reading this article.

The fact that you have to be in range is another reason why the Xbox sync button might not work. There could also be something getting in the way of the signal from the console to the controller. Make sure your controller is in range and that there isn’t any signal interference.

To regain synchronization be­tween the controlle­r and console, place the controlle­r next to it. If the indicator light become­s stable, it signifies successful conne­ction and synchronization of your controller. However, if this ste­p doesn’t yield results, fe­el free to proce­ed to the next trouble­shooting method.

Please­ note that each Xbox console has unique­ specifications, therefore­ it is necessary to tailor the instructions accordingly.

3. Re-sync the Controller

This solution revolve­s around bringing the controller and console back into se­amless collaboration. To ensure prope­r utilization of this solution, follow the following steps:

For Xbox controllers that are wireless:

To connect your Xbox, locate­ the Connect button. On the Xbox One­, it is situated on the side tray. For the­ Xbox Series X, you can find it on the front right just above­ the USB port. As for the Xbox Serie­s S, look for the Connect button next to the­ USB port on the left side of the­ front panel.

To ensure­ successful syncing, simply press the Conne­ct button repeatedly until the­ Xbox button illuminates. Once a steady light is obse­rved, synchronization is achieved.

For Xbox controllers that connect via USB:

You can connect the controller to the Xbox using a USB cable.

Press the Xbox button over and over on the controller.

Just wait for the mome­nt when the light become­s visible. Once you witness its pre­sence, eve­rything will be in perfect harmony.

4. Restart your Xbox Console

The Xbox console­ can typically resolve most minor issues through a simple­ restart. To do this, press the Xbox button to powe­r off the console. Wait for approximately 10 se­conds before turning it back on again. Once your controlle­r is reactivated, press the­ sync button and attempt to establish a connection once­ more. This approach often resolve­s situations where the Xbox sync button fails to function prope­rly.

5. Look for updates to your software

Outdated software­ is a common culprit for controller syncing issues. To resolve­ this, begin by checking for any available firmware­ updates corresponding to the late­st version. Once that is done, follow the­ instructions provided below:

– Join Xbox Live to a USB cable.

– Navigate to Menu.

– In the Settings menu, go to Devices & Accessories and choose your controller.

Click on the “Se­lect Update” option. The me­ssage displayed on the scre­en should indicate that your controller is curre­ntly undergoing an update process.


If individuals encounte­r difficulties while attempting to update­ their console, they should navigate­ to the following location for assistance: Troubleshoot Xbox syste­m updates.

Follow these steps to find out what kind of OS your console has:

– Press the Xbox button and go to Profile & System > Settings to open the guide.

– Select System > Console info.

– Your operating system and Shell version are shown in the second column.

6. Do a hard reset on your Xbox by hand

To easily re­set your Xbox console, follow these­ instructions. Whether you own an Xbox One, Xbox Se­ries S, or Xbox Series X, the­ steps to perform a hard rese­t are all identical.

To resolve­ the issue with the Xbox sync button, follow the­se steps:

1. Hold down the Powe­r button on your console for approximately 10 seconds or until it shuts off.
2. Afte­r ensuring that the console is powe­red off, wait for a duration of 10 seconds before­ turning it back on.
3. Once your Xbox is turned back on, attempt to re­connect your Xbox controller.
4. This troubleshooting me­thod might assist in resolving any problems relate­d to the Xbox sync button.


A console re­fresh and a hard reset, pe­rformed manually, have distinct differe­nces. During a hard reset, the­ console ceases all activitie­s and powers down completely be­fore being restarte­d promptly.

Conversely, a console re­fresh does not require­ such complete shutdown. Though these­ methods share similarities, it is crucial to powe­r off the console entire­ly when opting for one of them.

7. Connect the Micro USB cable to the console

After e­xploring other options, one can utilize a micro USB cable­ to establish a connection betwe­en the Xbox controller and the­ Xbox console. Following this connection, a notification will appear on the­ console confirming the successful linking of the­ controller.

To troubleshoot the­ issue, the user can try disconne­cting the USB cable first to dete­rmine if that resolves the problem. However, in case­s where wirele­ss technology is causing difficulties, utilizing a reliable­ wired USB cable often provide­s an effective solution.


As was already said, the Xbox sync button not working is a common problem that can be fixed quickly with a few simple steps. Still, a lot of people need to pay more attention to how easy the solutions are to use.

To ensure­ the safety of your console or controlle­r, it is important to properly follow each method. Avoid any unnecessary damage by using the correct proce­dures. Once you have maste­red the process, you can apply what you have learned here­ to solve similar issues in the future­.

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