How To Mount GoPro for Perfect Shots

Here’s how to mount a GoPro for the great shot, whether you’re an athlete, explorer, or wanderer.

However, the GoPro is widely regarded as one of the best action cameras on the globe. The one and only way to get the most out of your GoPro is to explore with all of its settings, keys, positions, and light sources. It includes  an instruction handbook that explains how to use all of GoPro’s features.

In comparison to a DSLR or a compact camera, Gopro shooting can be quite different because you are limited to 1 to 3 buttons depending on the model of the Gopro camera, rather than having a button with a huge camera.

These are still one of the greatest travel cameras out there, though.

GoPro’s ease of use for capturing extreme sports, such as scuba diving, is one of the reasons the camera is so famous with photographers all over the world.

GoPro photography took me a long time to learn, and I’m still finding new techniques to create amazing shots now.

As a result, I was able to discover 7 methods for producing fantastic GoPro shots, so now you can too.

Tips To Mount GoPro For perfect Shots

1. Framing The Shot

In the Cobro variant shown above, the Hero 3 Silver Model lacks a screen for viewing your images, which makes it tough to detect.

However, the newest devices come equipped with a display, and my recommendation is to make heavy use of it. Configure GoPro so that it only captures what you would like it to.

There were a lot of times when my pictures were trashed and I was too lazy to fix them up. However, cutting something sticky will degrade the image quality somewhat.

2. Originality

mount gopro for perfect shot

For most GoPro users, there seem to be a limited number of methods to shoot a photo until someone else comes up with a novel technique to do so.

“Holding hands while going through the cornfield with your sweetheart” and “shaking hands in the sea” are some of the most classic examples of this. It’s so simple that anyone can do it; it’s an old trick.

Use trekking poles to attach a pole to the ground and a rope to the cobra that is slithering under the wild canopy. So exciting!

Be as inventive as possible in order to see your photographs. Think beyond the box when using GoPro and you’ll be able to get some amazing shots in no time!

3. Plan Ahead

Your GoPro photography activity level dictates how much time you should schedule ahead of time.

It doesn’t matter what time of year or what kind of weather you’re having; the location, the gear, and the settings of your GoPro are all ideal.

There are numerous reasons why I’ve decided to shoot barefoot instead of using the methods I’ve learned over the years.

Unplanned Events

mount gopro for perfect shot

The lack of preparing to travel on this trip can be seen on this photo, which was taken after I crossed the Central Australian deserts with two co-ed and limited mounts.

It’s possible that I could attach a wheel to my leg and my frame, but what about the desert?

I took 200 sloppy shots because I didn’t think ahead about what kind of video I wanted to record. If you don’t plan your shots, this is what occurs.

Planned Events

The Upper Mustang trek in Nepal offered a variety of opportunities to explore the area. GoPro mounts were placed when I went on a long road trip.

In “Time Lapse” mode, I had to change the settings, capture one photo every second, and link the GoPro to my tripop.

4. Photograph At Sunrise or Sunset, Never Interrupt

mount gopro for perfect shot

To get the most out of your GoPro footage, aim it toward the horizon at sunrise or at dusk. An image that is completely exposed will not have a gentle glow from the camera’s sensors.

As you can see in this image, the light is blonde (not as white as in the middle of the day). By the water, the Pandanus palm creates a serene ambience with its mellow radiance.

If you’re in the thick of the action, it’s really bright, so either avoid the sun or use filters that can be fitted to the GoPro to control the light flowing from the lens.

It’s best to use a Polar Pro UV filter plus a neutral density filter when photographing in direct sunlight.

5. Experience With Parameters

mount gopro for perfect shot

A GoPro camera can be used in a wide variety of settings, locations, and subjects. Your photos will look better if you know how to use the GoPro settings.

As a beginner to GoPro photography, start with freehand shooting and then play with systems like downtime, night breaks, and photographs gust.

Once you’ve mastered these concepts, the world is your playground. Use these tips and tricks to have the best vision possible!

6. Equipment – Gears

I like to keep things simple when I shoot, so I only bring what fits in my bag. If I have enough stuff, though, it will help me shoot someone in the face.

If you can only pick from 3 supports, I suggest this:

Jazz Clamp: The best and most versatile GoPro frames so far. You can combine this beauty with skateboards, surfboards, horse saddles, roof racks in cars, and the list goes on and on.

Tripod: A curved and detached tripod that is available in different sizes. Beautiful hands to attach the most stable objects. Go for the larger tripod as everything will wind up a lot.

Floating rear door: The last thing I wanted to do was dive into the ocean floor for my GoPro, so I thought my GoPro was not afloat. The floating rear door is ideal for keeping your GoPro out of the water.

7. Get Good

You can use your GoPro to record a variety of activities. Make a precise goal for yourself if you’re just starting out with photography. Move on to more advanced techniques once you’ve mastered GoPro photography and the numerous features.

As a photographer, I prefer features like rock climbing and street and landscape photography, therefore I spend a lot of time training myself to capture better photos.

Your photos will show how wonderful your GoPro pictures are in everything you do!

The shots you’ll be able to capture with your GoPro will be stunning if you use everything listed here.

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