How To Mount GoPro for Perfect Shots

Whether you are an active, adventurous, or wanderlust person, here is what you need to know on how to mount gopro for perfect shot!

The GoPro is known as the best action camera on the planet, but it can be very difficult to get mastered. It comes with an instruction manual on how to use all GoPro, but the only way to really use your GoPro is to take it out and keep it in hand, experimenting with all the settings, buttons, angles, and light sources.

Gopro photography can be very different from using a DSLR or a compact camera because you don’t have a button with a large camera, but rather limited to 1 to 3 buttons depending on the Gopro model.

Nevertheless, they are truly one of the best travel cameras on the market!

The simplicity of GoPro is very easy when you’re shooting action sports, from scuba diving to scuba diving, which makes GoPro so popular with millions of photographers around the world.

It took me many years to get started with GoPro photography and I am still learning new ways to take great photos even today.

That’s how I found 7 tips for taking great GoPro photos so you can take great photos every time.

Tips To Mount GoPro For perfect Shots

1. Framing The Shot

The Hero 3 Silver Model does not have a screen to view your photos in the Cobro model below, and it is difficult to see in the image.

But the new models have a screen and my advice is: use the screen all the time! Be sure to configure GoPro to contain only what you want in the frame.

Most of the time, my photos were ruined and I was too lazy to design the photo correctly. If you find something sticky, you can still cut it, but it will reduce the quality of the photo.

2. Originality

mount gopro for perfect shot

Every man and dog use a GoPro, and for most GoPro users, there are only a few ways to take a photo, until it seems to be someone else’s idea.

Think of the classic “hands in front of the gopro in the woods or at sunset” or “hold your girlfriend’s hands while walking in the cornfield” and “shake hands in the water”. Anyone can do it, it’s old.

Take trekking poles, mount a pole under the ground, and tie the cobra running under the wild umbrella. It sounds epic!

You have to be as creative as possible to see your photos. There are countless ways to use GoPro, so think outside the box and you’ll have awesome angles in no time!

3. Plan Ahead

Depending on your activity level in your GoPro photography, it is best to plan if you want to capture days or weeks in advance.

Whatever the weather, the location is perfect, what equipment you need and what settings your GoPro needs to configure you.

There are many examples of why I came to shoot barefoot because my research is unnecessary and does not always work.

Unplanned Events

mount gopro for perfect shot

Once I crossed the deserts of Central Australia with 2 co-ed and limited mounts, none of my shots came out because you can see the lack of planning to go on this photo.

I could put a wheel on my leg and my frame, but what about the desert or the fact that I cross the desert?

It was only because I hadn’t planned in advance what type of video I wanted to capture, that I captured 200 different messy photos. This is what happens if you don’t plan your shots.

Planned Events

The hike through Upper Mustang in Nepal provided many possible ways. Most of my Gopro mounts were installed when I hit the road for a long time.

All I had to do was adjust the settings in “Time Lapse” mode, take one photo per second, attach the GoPro to my tripop. .

4. Photograph At Sunrise or Sunset, Never Interrupt

mount gopro for perfect shot

As with all photos, the best time to vent your Gopro is when the first rays of the morning approach the horizon or at sunset. Light from the camera’s sensors will not produce a soft glow that will give the image fully exposed.

In this photo the color of the light is blonde (not as white as in the middle of the day). The Pandanus palm has a soft glow and a calm atmosphere by the sea.

If you’re shooting in the middle, it’s very bright, away from the sun, or use filters that can be attached to the outside of the Gopro, controlling the light coming from the lens.

If I photograph when the sun is shining, I use a Polar Pro UV and a neutral density filter to match the standard Fine Gopro.

5. Experience With Parameters

mount gopro for perfect shot

There are countless places to use GoPro, things to photograph, and settings to use. If you know the GoPro settings, your images will look better.

If you’re new to GoPro photography, start with the basics of freehand shooting (remember some tips above), then experiment with systems such as downtime, night breaks, and photos gust.

The world is yours once you know these systems. Know your settings so you can focus on getting the right eyesight!

6. Equipment – Gears

I like to keep it simple when shooting, so I limit myself to having it in my bag, but if I have enough material, it will help me shoot in the face.

If you can only choose from 3 supports, I recommend this:

Jazz Clamp: The best and most versatile GoPro frames so far. You can combine this beauty with skateboards, surfboards, horse saddles, roof racks in cars, and the list goes on and on.

Tripod: A curved and detached tripod that is available in different sizes. Beautiful hands to attach the most stable objects. Go for the larger tripod as everything will wind up a lot.

Floating rear door: The last thing I wanted to do was dive into the ocean floor for my GoPro, so I thought my GoPro was not afloat. The floating rear door is ideal for keeping your GoPro out of the water.

7. Get Good

There are different activities that you can capture with your GoPro. If you are a beginner with a camera, target a specific activity, and be well. Once you’ve mastered GoPro photography and various functions, move on to develop your skills.

For me, I think features like rock climbing, and street and landscape photography work better, so I’m constantly training them in shooting, but I’m growing and learning new ways to take great shots.

Gopro pictures are awesome in everything you do and your photos will reflect that!

If you put all of these items together to take photos with your GoPro, you have to create amazing images.

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