Alternatives To PubFilm: 14 Streaming Sites to Consider

I often get asked what some good alternatives are to PubFilm. PubFilm became massively popular over the last couple years as an easy way to stream movies and TV shows for free without signing up. However, a lot of clone and mirror sites have been taken down recently.

If you land on a dead link it can be frustrating trying to find a working one. Rather than keep gambling on PubFilm proxies, it’s easier to just use other free streaming sites instead.

These allow you to watch new releases and old classics without registration or paying. I compiled this list of the top 14 free streaming websites similar to PubFilm.

14 Websites Similar to Pubfilm for Free Streaming

1. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix 2

Popcornflix has a clean, Netflix-style interface making it easy to find and play movies. They have increased their library a lot recently to over 1500 titles you can watch free. This includes comedy, drama, action, horror and kids genres.

You can also download their mobile app on iPhone/Android to view content offline. It is my top alternative to replace PubFilm due to the large catalog and slick viewing experience with no sign up required.

2. 123Movies

123 Movies

123Movies provides streams in high-def quality with subtitles if needed. Their library spans Hollywood, Bollywood, Asian cinema, TV series and more.

You can even request content if it’s missing. There’s also a handy Chromecast feature to beam videos from your phone to TV seamlessly.

You choose what source link to use out of many fast servers they compile. My only complaint is there can be occasional pop-up ads during playback.

3. Putlocker


Putlocker operates much like PubFilm as a directory linking out to media files hosted elsewhere rather than storing anything on its servers. Minimal branding and visual design give them a no-frills interface purely focused on streamable content.

Romantic comedies and horror flicks make up strong suits here. Their homepage features categories like Crime TV, Most Viewed, Highly Rated, and Recently Added to simplify picking your next binge.

My main complaint would be too many redirects and rapid link rot as movies get removed.

4. Vumoo


Vumoo has a small but decent catalog of a few hundred popular movies and shows. Streaming loads super quick in HD quality.

Content levels fall shorter though, with around 5000 offerings total. Expect mostly older movies versus new releases.

Other downsides are the video ads on nearly every page. Just be prepared to close annoying pop-ups and redirects. But it’s doable if you add it to an adblocker’s whitelist.

Overall it works fine for casual movie watching in a pinch. But the lower content selection and constant ads wore on me over time.

5. SolarMovie


For binge-watching full seasons of hit shows, SolarMovie delivers in spades and mimics PubFilm’s minimal interface.

You’ll find favorites like Breaking Bad, Power, Rick and Morty, Arrow, Young Sheldon and practically any program airing on broadcast or cable.

It really shines for international content from the UK, Canada, Australia and Korea rarely found elsewhere.

Genres run the gamut from comedy, adventure and superheroes to cooking shows and sci-fi. Just brace for occasional buffering hiccups or missing sources during peak hours.

6. YesMovies


Carrying well over 13,000 movies alone, YesMovies dwarfs the size of PubFilm’s library. Big draws here include full series runs of fan favorites like Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Peaky Blinders and newer entries such as House of the Dragon in timely fashion.

It operates much like a streaming search engine pulling sources from open web servers. The sheer variety in one place proves really impressive – even obscure stuff like Chinese palace dramas.

Just prepare for lots of ads and slower loading sources. Video quality ranges quite a bit even for the same title.

7. Movie4U


Movie4u provides another alternative for instantly streaming movies and some TV shows without registration. Its catalog isn’t the largest, coming in around 4000 total offerings across film genres.

The site design itself is professional looking but riddled with fake download buttons and potential malware risks from shady ads.

It streams reliably when selected though. It’s tougher finding quality content hidden behind the gaudy template. But niche movie fans will still unearth some gems.

8. VexMovies


VexMovies keeps gaining popularity for free ad-supported streaming. Their smart interface displays helpful ratings and descriptions for movies.

The catalog isn’t extremely extensive, with just over 1500 movies listed during my test. But the focus stays on more popular contemporary cinema versus obscure B-films. Streaming reliablity stayed consistent across multiple sessions too.

Streaming loads fast in HD quality. The downside is the banner/pop-up ads can get annoying. But closing them eventually allows uninterrupted playback.

9. LosMovies


LosMovies provides HD streams from rapid servers that avoid constant buffering. Their catalog numbers around 1500 movies and shows currently.

Expect the usual barrage of fake download buttons and sketchy affiliate links when browsing though.

The site remembers where you left off too which is helpful for long binges. It doesn’t bombard you with excessive ads either during playback.

10. Yify Movies


Yify Movies specializes more in recent Hollywood releases. But they get new movies quicker compared to most free stream sites.

Library size impresses with over 10,000 films spanning Action, Western, Animation, Thriller, Comedy and more. International blockbusters like RRR, KGF 2 and Top Gun: Maverick arrived rapidly after theater debuts. No registration needed either.

It also uniquely lists file format and size for sources, so you know streaming quality beforehand. They have climbed the ranks into a top alternative to try.

11. ZMovies

ZMovies lets you sort and filter their catalog in helpful ways like by quality, language or genre. Results even display IMDb ratings for quick reference.

Playing sources is fast and responsive without intrusive ads. But their catalog feels kind of small still relative to other replacements here.

Minimal ads keep the experience hassle-free compared with popups and redirects similar websites.

12. GoMovies


GoMovies constantly adds the most anticipated upcoming movie trailers to their site. So it’s very current on what’s releasing soon in theaters.

The site underwent a 2022 revamp to boost speed and sharpen visual aesthetics. Content now categorized logically by genres, release year, most watched, etc rather than a giant alphabetical list.

They also allow free streaming of many new releases just 1-2 months after cinema debut. It has fewer ads interrupting playback than most similar sites too.

13. CmoviesHD


CMoviesHD offers the familiar hits you’d expect from PubFilm along with hard-to-find international pics and festival darlings not typically licensed by mainstream North American streaming platforms.

Independent and arthouse lovers will especially appreciate seeing deeper cuts like Aftersun, Babylon, To Leslie, Close, and Glass Onion peppered amongst their expansive on demand catalog spanning decades of cinema.

Pre-roll ads seem fairly minimal though occasional buffering struggles and fragmented episode seasons do crop up.

14. AZMovies


AZ Movies keeps things simple with a clean focus purely on streaming. They offer HD quality sources and helpful ratings/summaries when searching.

My only nitpick is it doesn’t have any standout specialization from other sites here. But it’s still a very capable alternative.

In Summary

I hope this list helps you discover some PubFilm alternatives for streaming movies and TV without annoying account registrations or costs.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorite free streaming websites I should check out!

FAQs about PubFilm and Free Streaming

What is PubFilm?

PubFilm is an online platform that provides free access to public domain films.

When was PubFilm launched?

PubFilm was launched in 2018 as a site dedicated to public domain movies.

What kinds of films are on PubFilm?

PubFilm offers classic American films, episodic TV shows, cartoons, silent films, documentaries, and educational movies.

Can I watch PubFilm on my phone or tablet?

Yes. The PubFilm platform is mobile-friendly so the films can be viewed on phones, tablets, and other devices.

Is PubFilm free to use?

Yes. PubFilm is completely free with no registration required to search and watch public domain movies.


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