11 Best Chegg Alternatives Website for Learning

Chegg is a great resource for locating affordable textbooks, homework help, and topic explanations. However, if you’re looking for Chegg alternatives, here are the additional websites to examine.

About Chegg?

Chegg, Inc. is an education technology corporation established in Santa Clara, California. It provides physical and digital textbook rentals, as well as textbooks, online tutoring, and additional student services. The company was created in 2005 and went public in November 2013 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Chegg Alternatives

11 Websites Similar to Chegg


1. Answers.com

Answers.com is a popular website for getting homework help and answers to questions. The website generates income through advertising and premium subscriptions. Its features include a Q&A library and database of questions and answers. Its premium subscription lets you ask unlimited questions for one month.

You can also book tutoring sessions, watch videos and use their writing tools and math solver to help you solve math problems. It can assist you in numerous ways, but has a restricted number of specialists. In spite of this, it does offer a friendly staff that is available to help you whenever you need it. The price of the service changes depending on how much help you need.

2. Skooli

Skooli is a great website for finding academic help. I included it in this list because its coverage is limited. However, the site is much more focused on assisting students with their AP exams than it is on other subjects. It doesn’t take into account how difficult a question is. It provides multiple-choice, true/false, or multiple response questions. In addition, some of the questions are illogical.

For example, one question asks you to name the greatest president ever, but the correct answer is Abraham Lincoln. School is not really an academic writing site. It’s more like a platform where students can find a lot of different resources and services. It is also very similar to Chegg. It provides free, premium, and accounts.

Skooli’s website offers a plethora of study resources. There are a variety of different study guides and tutorials for various subjects. You can also review course outlines and study notes, as well as look up reviews for products

3. Paperhelp

Like Bartleby, Paperhelp also provides a variety of services. You can get literature guides, essay responses, and writing help for your assignments. Paperhelp offers essay help at the most affordable prices. Its monthly subscription fee is $10 and provides you with unlimited access to literature guides, Q&A, and essay responses. Its paper templates include MLA, APA, and Chicago. While the service is free, you can only access and use two essay responses per week.

4. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer social network. It’s different from Twitter because it is more geared towards the Q&A format, and it has a lot more depth than Twitter. Some people find Quora’s model very intimidating and overwhelming, but there’s a great community of thousands of people who can help you with your homework or who can answer your question.

If you don’t know how to ask a question, Quora has a great section called “Frequently Asked Questions.” Also, if you want to engage with the community, there is a good section of Q&A threads where you can ask and answer questions.

5. Bartleby

The Bartleby is a powerful study management website that aims to improve academic performance. The Bartleby provides a variety of features to assist students maintain their concentration. The Bartleby timer is one of the most useful parts. This lets you limit the amount of time you spend doing things like studying or writing. You can set the timer for any amount of time between 5 minutes and 24 hours.

While a few words are underlined or highlighted, the site provides a great service for students who need to proofread. You can ask questions about grammar and writing, and you can even ask a question to get feedback on an essay. You can even ask a question and get a quote from a professional. The site is not entirely free, but it’s a great service if you need help with writing. You can inquire about grammar, ask a question, or even ask for feedback.

6. Course Hero

Course Hero is a informative site that provides a variety of courses on many subjects. It covers everything from history to programming. You can take courses out of a variety of different topics and at different levels. From homework assistance to in-depth instruction, Course Hero delivers.

Uploading annotated versions of your papers provides another way to increase the accessibility of the platform.

7. 24 Hour Answers

Another alternative to Chegg that focuses on math is 24 Hour Answers. Thouh, it is not totoaly free, it is very affordable. There is a free version available that will be sufficient for most students, but there are also paid versions available that are perfect for those who want to help out in the community.

It has a student community that is very active, and you can search for questions and answers from students just like you. Also, the site offers excellent math practice problems. It’s a great resource for all types of math questions, including those for physics, and others. To get started, you will need to register (you can do it for free), and then you will be able to search for questions and answers.

8. Quizlet

Quizlet is another great alternative to Chegg. It has over 450,000 flashcards, worksheets, and other study materials. It provides a great way to learn any type of skill or topic. You can search by geography, language, or even subjects, such as math, science, and English. Each subject has an extensive collection of flash cards, word lists, and worksheets. You can also learn a new language with Quizlet.

There are over 3,000 flash cards and over 30,000 phrases to learn new words and phrases. You can even create your own flash cards and work on them. There are also educational games on Quizlet. You can play against the computer, which is a great way to practice your math, reading, and writing skills. This site has thousands of board and card games, which are great for practising your skills and improving your reasoning and problem-solving.

9. Tutor.com

Tutor.com is a paid service that allows users to get answers to their questions. It’s a bit different than Chegg because it works by asking users to pay for the answers. You can browse for answers in one of two ways:

1. Search for answers by typing in your question
2. Use the “Ask a Question” link at the bottom of evey page to look for questions.

It is a well-designed site that is simple and easy to use.  You can search for answers by asking subjects, textbook titles, or subjects and textbook titles combined. If you type in your question, you can search by textbook, chapter, and even page. In addition, you can type a textbook title in the search bar to see how many questions match your textbook.

10. Stack Exchange

Another great study aid alternative is Stack Exchange, which is an online Q&A site for students. There are many subject-specific forums, such as Biology, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Programming. In addition, you can find information on how to study for tests, as well as review resources for test prep. Itis similar to Quizlet, but instead of having a question and answer format, you can post questions, and people can answer you.

There are no tags, and so you can’t just browse topics; you need to search for specific questions. The site is useful for testing your knowledge, but it’s also good for revision. You can use Stack Exchange to learn more about the subject you’re studying, as well as learn how your classmates prepare for tests and courses.

11. School Solver

If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your money, then you may want to consider using School Solver. School Solver is a website that allows you to pay for a school’s services, such as a tutor or a test prep company. The best aspect is that you are only paying for the services and not the actual product.

For example, if you purchase a test prep company, you can use the company’s services to prepare for a test, and that’s it. When you sign up with School Solver, you’ll be sent a list of tutors and test prep companies. You can sort results by price, reviews, and location, and you can also filter results to your school district. There are no fees to use the website but if you want more features, you will need a plan.


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