Putlocker Alternatives: 14 Streaming Sites You Need to Try

Putlocker used to be one of the most popular destinations for streaming movies and TV shows online for free. But with Putlocker facing increased blocks and takedowns, users have shifted to alternatives.

Luckily, plenty of top-notch alternatives to Putlocker to get your movie fix. I’ve compiled a list of the best Putlockers similar proxy websites for streaming movies for free. Most offer ad-supported access to films hosted on third party sources.

Putlocker Alternatives

14 Proxy Sites Similar To Putlockers for Online Movies Streaming

1. Vumoo


Vumoo provides a clean, functional interface making it easy to find and stream movies or TV shows. Content gets frequently updated to ensure new titles populate the site regularly.

Both browsing and searching work great for digging into their catalog. Genre listings also make discovery simple if you’re not hunting for anything specific to watch. Few sites balance the depth of content with strong usability like Vumoo pulls off.

In terms of cons, ads and popups run rampant as expected. Streaming sources range wildly in quality as well.

2. 123Movies

123 Movies

123Movies serves as one of the most recognizable brands in free online movie streaming, albeit amidst lots of controversy too.

The site doesn’t host streaming files itself, but rather aggregates and indexes external links from all over. This makes finding virtually any movie imaginable possible, albeit through questionable means regarding rights.

Testing out different links usually does the trick to locate something functional. And the actual viewing experience poses no limits on length. Just prepare for annoying ads and redirects at times. But access proves unlimited.

For Putlocker fans focused purely on scope of content over reliability, this site ranks among the top replacements out there these days.

3. FMovies


FMovies models the simplistic design and massive media catalogs that Putlocker is known for. It organizes thousands of movies and shows in one spot for browsing genres or searching keywords.

The sheer volume of content here goes unmatched. Of course, that means quality, reliability, and safety vary wildly for each link.

However, finding working streams is common with some testing. And it splits itself across various domain extensions to resist blocking. Grab your ad blocker and start enjoying its deep reserves of content.

4. BMovies


BMovies doesn’t bother reinventing the wheel for free streaming. It follows the classic template simple design focused purely on content delivery the way early Putlockers operated.

You can sort movies by release year, new additions, most viewed, genres, and countries of origin. A huge catalog exists filled with rarities not always common on leading platforms. Discovering old classics proves quite accessible.

Streaming sources definitely run the stability gamut though. And questionable ads mean you probably want an ad block running. But purely for streaming movies online free without limits, it keeps things straightforward.

5. AZMovies


One of few sites focused solely on movies versus shows too. Every genre imaginable from comedy, thriller to animated. Tolerable ads won’t distract binging arthouse cinema and festival award winners.

You can browse content across categories like country, genre, movies list, or simply search keywords. Hundreds exist in virtually each area making deep discovery of media easy. And the clean style makes navigating hassle-free.

AZMovies offers hidden gem surprises tucked between common mainstream movies. Chance uncover incredible director debuts or foreign films skipped theaters. The request system is quite responsive.

6. YesMovies


For TV addicts, YesMovies impressive catalog of shows compared to other alternatives. Content stays fresh thanks to efficient updates of the latest series of episodes.

It operates via a proxy redirecting visitors to streaming hosts. So expect the streams themselves to vary quite a bit in quality and reliability as links change regularly. But hot new cinema releases also appear quickly.

7. SolarMovie


SolarMovie made a name via TV shows more than movies. It offers thousands of shows readily streamed online for free. Films also exist too but scope is smaller versus competitors.

You select a title, get redirected, and then can browse links aggregated from different hosts. Streams frequently get removed, so digging around for one that works takes patience. Using an ad blocker also proves wise.

In the end, it works fine for streaming movies as a bonus to its real strength—shows. Just set your expectations on testing links and dodging ads. Then the streams themselves deliver nicely.

8. CmoviesHD


CmoviesHD offers a Putlocker-style site to watch and download movies without registration requirements. It lists thousands of films conveniently in one spot for browsing or searching.

Clicking any movie brings up founder links from across the web to stream. So be ready to test links out until finding a working source, typically while tolerating ads or popups in the way. But success means unlimited access.

For hard-to-find or niche movies, it pulls through thanks to aggregating every corner of the web. Just bring patience for the stream testing and ads management process when movies start playing.

9. LosMovies


LosMovies niche focus provides indie mumblecore films, avant-garde cinema, and experimental shorts unavailable on Putlocker.

Trendy design nice change of pace from the rest. Movie buffs craving artsy picks will love discovering these festival gems.

Handy filtering exists to sort movies chronologically by release years too. You can also search titles conveniently as well.

Their fantastic site discovery zone stumble brilliant oddities never hit the mainstream. Weird wonderful rabbit hole short films and trippy features await.

10. Movie4U


For the latest cinema still in theater rotation, Movie4u quickly posts brand new releases once digital screeners leak. Highest chance of catching blockbusters early.

It may lack robust tools for sorting and discovery, as seen on some niche dedicated platforms. But casual users who want an endless slate of movies easily accessible will love their simplicity.

Prepare for hitting lots of dead links until a stream starts smoothly, however. And turn on ad blockers too. Once settled in though, it’s easy streaming satisfaction tapping into various mysterious sources.

11. PrimeWire


More than just movies. PrimeWire offers shows too making it a one-stop shop for media. Intuitive options saving favorites and making requests.

Easy to use despite aging interface. You can browse their catalog by filters like release year, country, genre, and so on for better discovery.

Multiple tools exist to get you to stream the content easily too. Sites this big mean quality fluctuates hugely though.

12. MovieNinja


MovieNinja offers an interesting concept being a dedicated streaming index exclusively for mobile viewing. It works best when sent straight to your smartphone browser for watching films on the go.

The interface and playback optimize nicely for handheld devices as everything turns out fast. Links even automatically choose lower quality streams perfect for conserving smartphone data plans unlike desktop-focused sites gobbling GBs.

13. RainierLand


No fancy design but Rainierland doesn’t pretend to be more than a quick gateway to movies. Lightning fast stream loading. Multiple mirrors available ensure one works.

The simplicity here gets reflected in limitations too. Search and discovery only provide bare minimum tools beyond browsing genres. Sources tend to lack richness too compared to niche indexers focused on depth.

But films start instantly with just 1-2 quick clicks first in your browser thanks to keeping everything straightforward. For those missing Putlocker core principles, this alternative website revive it nicely.

14. GoMovies


GOmovies rounds out my alternatives list by offering ad-supported access to movies instantly and smoothly without any registration requirements slowing you down.

The movie catalog may not stand out for size or niche selections compared to aggregators indexing deeper waters. But casual streamers just wanting something easy, functional, and fast will appreciate their quick reliability.

In the end, it keeps the soul of Putlocker alive albeit on a smaller, more specialized scale.


This list of Putlocker proxy sites and mirrors should give you plenty of ways to freely stream movies and shows online even with Putlocker struggling lately. The various Putlocker alternatives featured here will help satisfy your cravings.

Just remember that free streaming access often means tolerating poor quality video buffered with loud ads and redirects. Finding working links involves lots of testing too as third-party hosts frequently remove content.

For best results, leverage a VPN for privacy plus ad blocking browser plugins. Prioritize sites that let you manually filter links by source and quality to unlock the best streams.

FAQs About Putlocker

Is Putlocker available to use legally?

It is illegal to use a site that offers copyrighted content to its users without proper distribution rights.

What are the legal consequences of using Putlocker?

Using Putlocker to acce­ss illegal copyrighted content carrie­s the same legal implications as othe­r similar services. Downloading protecte­d material may incur a financial penalty in certain circumstance­s.

Is it safe to use Putlocker?

Using Putlocker may not be­ safe as there are­ multiple mirrors available, some of which could contain malicious conte­nt or viruses that might harm your device.

What are the current alternatives to using Putlocker

There­ are several le­gal options available that offer similar service­s as Putlocker, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Vide­o as well as Disney+.

Can a VPN be used to watch Putlocker anonymously?

Yes, a VPN can be used to watch Putlocker anonymously.

Is Putlocker still operational?

The original Putlocke­r website has bee­n shut down. However, seve­ral mirrors and clones still exist today. The e­xistence of an official Putlocker site­ maintained by the original team is unce­rtain.

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