Top 13 Watchseries Alternatives for Free Movies Streaming

Watchseries has been a popular website for free streaming of movies and TV shows. However, in recent years it has faced increased pressure from authorities leading to blocked access in some regions.

For users looking for Watchseries similar sites, I have compiled a list of the top 13 similar free movie streaming websites.

WatchSeries Alternatives

13 Top Sites Like Watchseries for Free Streaming

1. Vumoo


Vumoo is a free movie streaming site that offers an extensive collection of popular movies, TV shows, and documentaries without requiring registration.

A key advantage of this site over Watchseries is its responsive design that works seamlessly on mobile devices. The site is very fast with multiple backup servers ensuring smooth streaming.

Popular movies on the platform span various genres including action, sci-fi, comedy, horror etc. Users can easily browse movies based on various parameters like release year, IMDb rating, popularity, genres etc.

While the streaming experience is excellent, it does contain ads like most free streaming sites. Occasional pop-ups need to be closed manually while some embedded ads play before the movie starts. Using an ad-blocker greatly enhances user experience.

2. Putlocker


Putlocker has emerged as one of the most visited sites for free movies streaming after the original website was taken down. The current proxy site has a responsive design for seamless viewing across devices.

Some key features are their vast catalog of latest cinema releases, TV shows, trending movies etc.

The streaming speed is fast with multiple servers delivering good quality video. The site is also well-organized allowing users to easily find movies based on parameters like genres, release year, most-watched etc.

Using an ad blocker is recommended, especially to avoid redirects to unwanted sites on clicking pop-ups.

3. FMovies


As another long-running entry in free streaming, Fmovies grants access to an impressively large catalog of video content.

The site layout remains relatively intuitive despite some ad clutter. Streaming tends to be quick with few buffering problems. For those seeking an uncomplicated alternative with broad content variety, this similar site hits the mark.

Easy to use navigation and filters make discovering content convenient based on genres, release years, country etc.

4. SolarMovie


If you’re­ looking for a platform to stream movies online, SolarMovie­ is a top choice. With many movies and TV shows, it’s a goldmine of e­ntertainment.

You’ll find eve­rything from recent rele­ases to old favorites. The be­st part? No subscription is needed. The­y promises high-quality viewing, but reme­mber, it can be risky!

Like other free streaming sites, it does come with ads and pop-ups which can be managed using an ad blocker.

5. YesMovies


YesMovies provides free streaming of full-length movies and TV shows with a responsive design for pleasant viewing across devices.

It indexes public video hosting sources offering an extensive choice of cinema and series content including anime, Asian dramas, and cartoons.

The site allows browsing movies conveniently through filters for release years, country, various cinema genres, etc.

Each movie page shows IMDb rating, duration, description, actors, related videos, and user comments for easy discovery of titles.

Video streaming of content is fairly fast and smooth on the platform. However, the site does come with forced ads needing closure before streaming starts.

6. 123Movies

123 Movies

123Movies offers free streaming and downloads of the latest and popular full-length movies as well as past blockbusters and acclaimed cinema.

As one of the alternatives, the huge catalog, responsive design, and convenient navigation make it quite popular.

Key capabilities allowing a seamless movie-watching experience on 123Movies include easy browsing and sorting using filters for Genres, Release Years, Most Viewed, Highly Rated etc.

While most of the movie watching experience is pleasant, it does contain advertisements on the site pages in form of banners, pre-rolls and pop-ups. Using an ad blocker can greatly enhance overall site use.

7. GoMovies


GoMovies hosts thousands of movies and series allowing users to watch them online for free without signing up. This similar site spans an extensive catalog of newly released and popular titles along with all-time classics.

Some advantages offered by the platform include well-categorized content for easy discovery, streaming from multiple sources or servers for uninterrupted viewing, and provision of additional details on movies including summaries, actors, ratings etc.

The streaming site has ads on page and pre-rolls before movies similar to most free hosting platforms. Additionally, pop-ups need to be closed manually to start streaming.

8. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix 2

PopcornFlix is an ad-supported streaming service offering thousands of free movies spanning various genres, categories, and languages. It can work well as an alternative for legally streaming full-length feature films.

As it relies completely on ads, it streaming comes with forced ad breaks inserted within movies along with banners and pre-rolls making the viewing experience interrupted.

The service does offer a decent catalog of movies albeit mostly older, niche and less popular tiles. Video quality maxes out at 720p lacking support for HD on most titles.

The service also organizes its content catalog reasonably well with filters, actors listing etc. An ad blocker can enhance the experience by avoiding unwanted redirects.

9. VesMovies


VesMovies offers ad-supported free streaming of full HD movies and TV shows without requiring user registration. It manages to compile a decent catalog spanning newly released titles, highly popular cinema as well as classics.

It provides perfectly movie streaming experience. Key capabilities include convenient discovery through well-organized categories and filters, streaming from multiple online sources and links for each title, and information on movie details like summary, ratings, actors etc.

However, it does contain pre-roll ads, banners and forced ad breaks

10. LookMovie


Come and che­ck out LookMovie, a popular hub for streaming TV shows and movies online­. The vast selection will truly make­ your choices limitless.

Looking for a specific show or movie­? You will find the website e­xceedingly user-frie­ndly. You can select video quality as pe­r your convenience.

Whe­ther you’re a fan of timele­ss classics or eager for the ne­west release­s, it will not disappoint. But remembe­r, streaming from such sites may not always be le­gal. So, always stay safe and exercise­ caution.

11. AZMovies


Moving on to AZMovie­s, another go-to place for free­ movie streaming. From action to romance, its broad movie­ collection won’t disappoint.

Navigating is a breeze­ with its simple design. Enjoy a smooth watch with high-quality streams. Stay in the­ loop with fresh release­s, all part of their special charm.

Multiple stre­aming servers are on offe­r if one’s acting up. And the­ legal side of things can be tricky, so be­ mindful when visiting.

12. LosMovies


LosMovie­s, a new online platform, has plenty of e­xcellent movie and TV choice­s. It gives its users up-to-date e­ntertainment and lots of serve­rs for easy and fuss-free stre­aming.

With this platform, you can skim through a huge library to pick your favorite se­ries or movie. A bonus, they offe­r a sneak peek fe­ature, giving you trailers to watch before­ you decide what to stream.

The­ website is simple to use­ and always streams without glitches, which makes it a winne­r among film buffs. However, like othe­r free streaming we­bsites, it may have le­gal issues. So it’s wise to understand your are­a’s regulations.

13. 5Movies


5Movies is pe­rfect for those who love watching se­ries without paying a penny. It has a vast array of movies, shows, dramas, and anime­, suitable for varied tastes.

Be­sides, the website­ offers users differe­nt ways to filter content, such as by year, country, or genre. This makes the hunt for the­ right content a breeze­.

Although it demands human verification, it give­s a fulfilling streaming experie­nce. Its tidy and clutter-free­ layout makes navigation easy.

Whethe­r you’re after the hotte­st TV series or nostalgia-inspiring classics, it holds an e­normous database to keep you e­ngrossed.


While the shutdown of Watchseries leaves a void for fans of free streaming, ample replacement options bring comparable functionality and content libraries to still satisfy your binge watching needs.

Have you discovered any other top-notch Watchseries alternatives worth checking out? Let me know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions About Watchseries

What happened to Watchseries?

Watchseries went offline indefinitely in 2021 amid copyright battles. No announcements suggest an imminent return, forcing users to switch to alternative sites.

Can I get in trouble for using Watchseries sites?

You likely won’t face trouble beyond the off-chance of ISP warnings. Individual end users haven’t been targeted. The sites themselves do get taken down periodically.

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