10 Wolfram Alpha Alternatives Site & App for Solving Math Problems

When it comes to getting answers to complex mathematical problems, WolframAlpha is often considered to be the best option. However, there are a number of alternatives available which may be better suited to your needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best WolframAlpha alternatives currently available.

Wolfram Alpha Alternatives

10 Best Wolfram Alpha Similar Websites


1. Mathway

Mathway is another app that offers you a lot of functionality in solving math problems. You can solve a wide range of math problems, including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more. It offers a lot of features such as an image-based quiz that lets you test your knowledge, interactive graphs, and a teaching assistant to explain the concept if needed.

Other features include a step-by-step tutorial that guides you through each step and a dictionary for translating math terms. The app is very intuitive to use, and it has a clean, easy-to-use UI. It works great on the latest Android phones and tablets. There are different ways to solve math problems, depending on how you want to do it.

2. Cymath

Cymath is a math app from a company called Cymath, which is a subsidiary of Cymath, LLC. It provides you with various features like step-by-step solutions, animations, and video tutorials. If you want to solve a math problem, you can either type it in manually or import an image of the equation from your device. It has a dedicated calculator option that helps you to input different kinds of equations. You can also bookmark the problems you want to revisit or re-solve later.

3. Photomath

Photomath is a math app that’s both fun and easy to use. It doesn’t matter how much math you know, this app can help. Photomath gives you a visual guide to solving math problems. After you input an equation, it will show you how to solve it by using the app’s specific steps. The app can also be used to turn words and phrases into math.

Once you finish an equation, the app will show you a visual guide to solving that equation. When you’re ready, you can finish it by tapping a button.  This is a great app for those who are constantly having to solve math problems, or for those who are in need of a quick way to solve math problems.

4. MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is a math problem solver app that allows you to solve math problems in many different areas of math. It can be used as a math problem solver app for school, work, or just for fun. The most important thing to remember about MyScript Calculator is that it can answer any math problem. It solves the problem for you and helps you understand the solution. But you have to know exactly what you’re looking for in a math problem in order to solve it.

5. MyMathy

MyMathy math solver app solves all your math problems instantly with the help of an advanced AI driven machine learning. This app helps you solve basic to advanced math problems by using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The MyMathy math solution app can solve all basic and intermediate math problems. This math problem solver app has a pre-defined set of math problems that includes basic arithmetic, fractions, basic algebra and geometry. The MyMathy app makes use of the camera of your smartphone to solve the provided problem and delivers a step-by-step solution.

6. MathPapa

MathPapa is a math problem solver that provides you with step by step instructions of how to solve math questions. This app has a wide range of free math problems that are solved by hand or by using the pen tool. It is a very simple app to navigate and the interface is very straightforward. You can find the instructions in the app for the steps you need to take to solve a problem and you can solve your problems alone or with the help of friends.

On the other hand, you can also use the app to solve complex math problems with the help of a tutor. There are two different tutorial modes that you can use to get into the swing of things. You can start with the basic and easy-to-follow tutorials to learn the basic concepts of math problems, or you can go for the more advanced mode which has a lot of explanations about the process of solving a problem.

7. SpeedCrunch

SpeedCrunch might not be the easiest of the wolfram alpha alternative to use because it requires you to download and install the app. But it is a very effective tool if you want to solve complicated equations. It has a beautiful interface that is easy to understand and use.

The app is compatible across different devices, so you can do your homework on the train without any problems. It also has a great feature in that you can use your own notes in the app, which is a great help if you are learning a new topic. One of the best things about SpeedCrunch is that it also has a free version that you can use, but that version doesn’t allow for saving your own notes.

8. Symbolab

Symbolab is an online math learning app with an easy UI. It is known for being an application with a strong focus on algebra and geometry. It is a very popular site among students, especially those who like to solve math problems.

To use this site, you just need to enter your math problem and click on the button that says “Solve.”The app will then provide you with the answer and explain it to you step by step. This app is designed with a question and answer feature, making it easy for the students to follow along with the instructions.

9. WebMath

This app can be used to solve complicated math problems and is just as good as Mathway. WebMath can be used as a web app from the website itself. This means that you do not need to download anything to solve math problems. All you need to do is open it on your browser to begin solving your math problems.

There are three options to choose from. You can choose a problem, a step, or a solution to solve a problem. It is very simple to use. As soon as you open it, you will be presented with a problem. You just need to type the problem in the provided field, and click the “Solve” button. It will do the rest for you.

10. Tiger Algebra

If you are looking for a great online algebra calculator to help you solve math problems on your PC or Mac, Tiger Algebra is one of the best in the market. It is a free online algebra calculator that has a simple interface. All you need to do is enter the problem that you want to solve and then click on “Solve” to start. The algebra solver will automatically present you with the answer.

The app allows you to solve problems with different types of functions, as well as inequalities and equations. The app uses a simple interface with an undo function, so you can go back and try an answer if you don’t get the one that you want. It has a friendly interface that is very easy to navigate. You can also access the app from your mobile phone and tablet, so you can solve problems at your own pace.

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